Be Thankful {Free Printable}

12 November 2015

"Be Thankful" Ribbon Across Acorn Autumn Printable

Man, Thanksgiving is sneaking up quickly.  I always feel a rebellion against the push to celebrate holidays too early...or, more accurately, the push to BUY ALL THE THINGS related to the holiday three months in one is actually asking us to celebrate anything in all those ads.  Way to kill the magic of the holiday.  If Christmas is every day, than no day is Christmas, right?

Anywho, in my staunch rebellion against recognizing holidays too soon, I have been known to throw together a few last minute decorations/costumes/wreaths the day before a holiday because I was shouting, "Not Yet!" so loudly that I missed the opportunity to say, "Okay, now."  So I am trying to fix that.  We humans are at our best when we come together in joy and celebrate over good food and the common bond of love for one another.  So cheesy, but as I get older, I realize, it is in fact true.

So I am looking forward to Thanksgiving this year as a time to celebrate in the fullness of that word.

"Be Thankful" Ribbon Across Acorn Autumn Printable

And for you, dear bloggy friend, I offer you a free printable that you can use in your home because for this year, it is now time to 'Be Thankful' and set the Thanksgiving table.

Roll over the image and click on the arrow square in the upper right corner to see it larger and print it.
To print the image for your own use, you can open the PDF above and print it on the paper of your choice. 
(I would use regular ol' paper if you are putting it in a frame, or card stock if it will be naked)  

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