Hi, I am Katherine and I am so happy that you have come to visit.

In 2012, I was getting used to being a new mom and looking for a creative outlet that might bring in some extra money.  I had a scrapbook paper collection that was way too large for someone who doesn't scrapbook, and I spent all day reading children's books.  Somehow, that combination of crazy led to my first collage, which was inspired by a Dr. Suess book {It was that hot air balloon over there...yeah, that one.}.  A couple of years later, I still love collecting scrapbook paper and creating new pieces.  I like colorful designs, and get inspired by whatever is around me, which is usually still children's books, or maps, or history books, or craft projects...well, you get the idea.

The shop address is www.whitehallshop.etsy.com.
But you can just click the link at the top of this page that says "The Shop."  I like to be helpful like that.

I have been told that I take after my grandmother who never stopped talking.  I loved her dearly, so I take that as a compliment.  And since my poor family can only take so much talking, I decided to talk to you, dear reader (you're feeling lucky right now, aren't you!?).  I like to talk about recipes that we've made, house projects that we've accomplished, craft projects keeping our hands busy, places that we've traveled to, and of course, updates to the shop, and new artwork.  I also like to give templates and freebie printables when the time allows, so hang around and you'll find some cute stuff!

On the personal side, I am a Texas native who has returned to the great state after 18 years away.  I live a stone's throw from where my family first settled in Texas in 1818.  I am intensely proud of that heritage.

As for the 18 years, I lived in Colorado, where I met my husband in 8th grade.  We have been pretty well inseparable since we were 16.  In 2008 we packed up and moved to Texas (from Colorado) on a whim (a well-researched whim, if there is such a thing), and we have loved exploring our little corner of the world ever since.  2009 Saw us buying our first home, and in 2011 we welcomed our first child.  2012 Brought the opening of Whitehall Shop.  2014 Brought Baby #2.  Our lives have been greatly blessed and I can't wait for what is on the horizon.

Now, getting serious here, if we are to be friends (and I would like that very much), 
I have a few idiosyncrasies I must warn you about:

* I am a complete anglophile, and on certain days, a francophile.
* I adore my grandparents, and speak of them often.
* I think that there is nothing finer than crisp stationery and a new pen.
* I drink a lot of tea.  Some would say too much.
* I don't do much during football season other than watch football. And I like it that way.
* I eat a lot of chocolate.  Some would say too much.
* I like going for walks in my neighborhood to get fresh air and snoop on everyone's landscaping ideas.
* I am prone to launch into dramatic history lessons.  They're good, I promise.
* I love living in Southeast Texas, where I get to plant things like azaleas and camellias.
* My beautiful little girl, my charming little boy and my handsome husband make my heart sing.
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